Will I be able to make a submission on the Local Provisions Schedules?

Councils are required under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (the Act) to publicly exhibit their draft Local Provisions Schedules for 60 days.

The Act provides that any person can make a submission (representation) on the draft Local Provisions Schedules within that period. The council is then required to report to the Tasmanian Planning Commission on the representations it has received.

The Tasmanian Planning Commission will undertake the statutory assessment of representations on the draft Local Provisions Schedules.

The Local Provisions Schedules must be consistent with the criteria set out in the Act in section 34. These include a requirement to further the Objectives of the Act, and to be consistent with State Policies and the appropriate Regional Land Use Strategy. Local Provisions Schedules must also, as far as practicable, be consistent and coordinated with any Local Provisions Schedules that applies to the adjacent municipal areas.