Which of the State Planning Provisions will apply to my property?

The suite of zones in the State Planning Provisions is very similar to those already in place in the interim planning schemes. The majority of land will be translated into the same zone when each Local Provisions Schedule is prepared by the council. The planning rules in the State Planning Provisions have been derived from analysing those in place in interim planning schemes and in many cases are very similar.

In brief, it is anticipated that the zoning will remain the same in the majority of situations.

During the preparation of Local Provisions Schedules, if it is considered that a particular property or area warrants a different zoning or local variation from those provided for in the State Planning Provisions, there will be an opportunity to review this, provided the relevant local council and the Tasmanian Planning Commission agree. The criteria for such a change must meet the requirements set out in the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.