Who was responsible assessing the draft of the State Planning Provisions?

The independent Tasmanian Planning Commission was responsible for public exhibition, assessment and reporting on the draft of the State Planning Provisions.

The matters the Tasmanian Planning Commission was required to consider are set out in the Act which provides for the criteria that the State Planning Provisions must meet. These include furthering the Objectives of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993(the Act) and compliance with State Policies.

The process the Tasmanian Planning Commission followed is also set out in the Act and includes public exhibition, and the opportunity to make representation.

Upon concluding its consideration of the first draft of the State Planning Provisions, the Tasmanian Planning Commission provided its assessment report under s.25 of the Act to the Minister.

The Minister subsequently made the State Planning Provisions in accordance with s.27 of the Act. The Minister determined that draft of the State Planning Provisions that were exhibited should be modified but that the modifications did not require re-exhibition.

The reasons the Minister has modified the State Planning Provisions are set out in the Minister’s Statement of Reasons.