Tasmanian State Planning Provisions

The State Planning Provisions provide the statewide consistent set of planning rules.

These rules include the Tasmanian Planning Scheme’s purpose and objectives, consistent and contemporary planning definitions, exemptions, use classes, and administrative provisions such as development application requirements.

The draft of the State Planning Provisions includes 22 generic zones which indicate what land use and development is appropriate for each zone such as residential, business, agriculture, utilities, environmental and recreational uses.

In addition, there are a suite of 16 codes which provide clear pathways for dealing with land use issues which occur across Tasmania and may apply across a range of zones, covering matters such as natural hazards, local heritage values and electricity infrastructure.

The State Planning Provisions also include the template for each council’s Local Provisions Schedule.

Councils will choose from the suite of planning rules provided in the State Planning Provisions to express their community’s land use strategies through their Local Provision Schedules.

Download the State Planning Provisions (PDF, 3.2 MB)