The planning reforms are being delivered through a number of State and local government bodies:

Department of Justice – Planning Policy Unit

The Department of Justice’s Planning Policy Unit (PPU) has been established primarily to deliver the Government’s planning reform agenda. It provides expert advice on planning issues including the development, maintenance and review of statewide content and guidance for Tasmania’s planning system including the SPPs.

It also advises on the development and review of legislation and strategic policy for the Minister for Planning and Local Government and the Secretary of the Department.

The PPU has been working closely with local councils on transitioning existing the existing planning schemes to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Tasmanian Planning Commission

The Tasmanian Planning Commission is an independent body established under the Tasmanian Planning Commission Act 1997 that performs a range of statutory and advisory functions for land use, including assessing planning schemes and planning scheme amendments.

In moving to the TPS, the Commission is responsible for the assessment process of Local Provision Schedules (LPS).

Local Councils

Local councils are the planning authorities responsible for implementing the TPS through the preparation of LPSs.