Draft Land Use Planning and Approvals (Amendment) Bill 2022

Consultation period is now closed.

What's new? The draft Bill, proposing refinements to the assessment process for major projects, was revised and tabled in Parliament following the review of 17 submissions received from consultation.  View below for published submissions, consultation report, supporting documents and what comes next.

Parliament approved the Bill without any amendments to the Bill


The Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (LUPA Act) was amended in 2020 to introduce the major projects assessment process.  Applying the new major projects assessment process to the new Bridgewater Bridge project identified where some improvements to the process could be made and the Government is now seeking to address these with the draft Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendment Bill 2022 (PDF, 992.7 KB) (draft Bill). The draft Bill was revised following the review of submissions received during consultation and has now been tabled in Parliament.  A consultation report has been prepared and is available below.

Key document

Land Use Planning and Approvals (Amendment) Bill 2022 - consultation report (PDF, 298.3 KB)

Supporting documentation

The draft Land Use Planning and Approvals (Amendment) Bill 2022 aims to address 10 different themes to improve the major projects assessment process. These are contained in the following information sheets and FAQ:

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Consultation has now closed.

Submissions received

17 submissions have been received and are available for viewing (PDF, 5.7 MB).

What happens next

Amendment process

LUPAA Amendments Bill 2022 - November Timeline