Tasmanian Planning Scheme


What is the Tasmanian Planning Scheme?

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is a single statewide planning scheme which will replace the 30 current planning schemes operating in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will consists of two parts:

  • a set of consistent statewide planning rules called State Planning Provisions and
  • Local Provisions Schedules which will contain the zone and overlay maps and lists that apply the State Planning Provisions and identified special and unique areas for each council area.

The State Planning Provision were made by the Minister on 22 February 2017 and came into effect on 2 March 2017 following a period of public consultation, public hearings and recommendations by the independent Tasmanian Planning Commission.

When will the Tasmanian Planning Scheme take effect?

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will come into effect in each municipal area when the Local Provisions Schedule which applies the State Planning Provisions in that area has been approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

Councils have commenced preparation of their draft Local Provisions Schedules for assessment and approval by the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

Where can I get more information about the Tasmanian Planning Scheme?

This website and the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s website contain many relevant documents, including:

  • A range of frequently asked questions (below), which give further details on the State Planning Provisions and Local Provisions Schedules.
  • A range of fact sheets (above) providing a general overview of the planning reforms and information on key themes, such as residential development, heritage values and rural and agriculture, covered by the State Planning Provisions.
  • The State Planning Provisions (PDF, 3.3 MB) made by the Minister.
  • The original draft State Planning Provisions are contained in the assessment report prepared by the Tasmanian Planning Commission under s.25 of the Act, which was provided to the Minister on 9 December 2016.
  • The Tasmanian Planning Commission’s assessment report contains the Commission’s recommendations to the Minister on modifications to the original draft State Planning Provisions and a version of the provisions modified in accordance with that advice. It also provides a summary of the representations made during the extensive public exhibition and hearings.
  • The Minister’s Statement of Reasons contains more detail on reasons for the modifications to the original draft State Planning Provisions and why the Minister determined that the modified draft does not require re-exhibition.
  • The Tasmanian Planning Commission’s Guideline No.1 – Local Provisions Schedules: zone and code application has been issued under section 8A of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, and provides an easy reference guide for the application of all zones and codes for the preparation of draft Local Provisions Schedules (LPSs) and amendments to LPSs.

General enquiries about the preparation of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme should be directed to:

The Director
State Planning Office
Department of Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 123 Hobart 7001
Ph 1300 703 977
Email state.planning@dpac.tas.gov.au

Enquiries on the public exhibition and assessment process should be directed to:

The Tasmanian Planning Commission
Level 3, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart
GPO Box 1691 HOBART TAS 7001
Email tpc@planning.tas.gov.au

Fact sheets

Please note contact details have changed, Planning Policy Unit is now State Planning Office,
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Level 7, 15 Murray Street, Hobart Tas 7000
(GPO Box 123, Hobart Tas 7001)
Phone: 1300 703 977
Email: state.planning@dpac.tas.gov.au

Planning Reform documents