Declaration of amended Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy

The Minister for Local Government and Planning, after consulting with the Tasmanian Planning Commission, the relevant planning authorities, and the relevant State Service Agencies in accordance with section 5A(4) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (the LUPA Act), has declared an amended Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy (STRLUS). The LUPA Act requires the Minister to keep the regional strategies in constant review.

The amendments made to the STRLUS include:

  • a new regional policy SRD 2.12 enabling the consideration of a rezoning proposal for up to 2ha of land that is outside, but adjoining, the Greater Hobart Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) provided it meets the necessary criteria and other relevant regional policies in the STRLUS;
  • revisions to the implementation statement in the STRLUS to limit the application of new regional policy SRD 2.12 to amendments to interim planning schemes or amendments to Local Provisions Schedules (LPSs); and
  • adding the remaining area of land at 66 Summerhill Road, West Hobart within the UGB, as shown in Map 10 of the STRLUS.

The amendment corrects an anomaly in the UGB at 66 Summerhill Road, West Hobart, as requested by Hobart City Council, and allows for any similar anomalies to be considered through the normal planning scheme amendment process without first adjusting the STRLUS.

The amended STRLUS came into effect on 22 September 2021.

The declared amended STRLUS can be viewed here:

The UGB from the STRLUS has also been included on LISTmap to assist with identifying the boundary line in conjunction with the planning scheme zone and overlay maps. It can be viewed by searching for the ‘Greater Hobart Urban Growth Boundary’ layer.

Frequently Asked Questions

A number of Greater Hobart Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) anomalies have been addressed in the STRLUS since its declaration in 2011. The new regional policy SRD 2.12 is intended as an interim measure to provide a more efficient approach for managing anomalies in the UGB without the need to make incremental adjustments to the UGB in the STRLUS.

This amendment to the STRLUS forms part of the Phase 2 Planning Reforms that will take place over the next 2-3 years providing for comprehensive reviews of the three regional land use strategies in Tasmania and include:

  • establishing a suite of Tasmanian Planning Policies that provide a state wide vision and framework for the planning system; and
  • providing improvements to the process for preparing, reviewing and consulting the community on regional land use strategies.

The Greater Hobart MetroPlan project, which also forms part of the Phase 2 Planning Reforms, will provide a detailed review of the residential growth strategies for the four councils subject to the Greater Hobart Act 2019.

The 2ha land area limit was determined following a comprehensive GIS mapping analysis of all land that shared a common boundary with the UGB, and also took into account feedback received on the proposed amendment.

The 2ha limit is considered to provide a reasonable threshold for capturing any remaining anomalies in the UGB map, subject to meeting the criteria in SRD 2.12 and addressing the other relevant regional polices in the STRLUS.

Definitions are not provided for ‘locality’ or ‘significant increase’ to enable appropriate professional judgement to be made against the relevant criteria in determining the suitability of any rezoning proposal.

These terms are already used without specific definitions for determining the application of the Rural Living Zone under regional policy SRD 1.3 in the STRLUS.

SRD 2.12 is intended as an interim measure for addressing any remaining anomalies in the UGB and therefore should not require a full land supply and demand analysis for the entirety of Greater Hobart as anticipated by regional policies SRD 2.2 and 2.8.

A localised land supply analysis may be required to address the criteria in SRD 2.12 to ensure that significant areas of land are not rezoned outside the UGB in a particular locality.

SRD 2.12 does not apply to the assessment of the remaining draft LPS in the Southern Region to avoid any additional delays to the assessment process. A similar approach was taken for a recent amendment to the Northern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy.

Amendments made to regional land use strategies during the LPS assessment can potentially complicate the process and require the Tasmanian Planning Commission to undertake a re-assessment of the LPS creating further delays for implementation of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

SRD 2.12 can still be applied to amendments to the remaining interim planning schemes and amendments to approved LPSs.

In accordance with Information Sheet RLUS 1 – Reviewing and Amending the Regional Land Use Strategies (PDF, 157.2 KB), requests for amendments to the STRLUS may still be considered by the Minister for land that does not meet the criteria in SRD 2.12. Any requests to amend the STRLUS should first be made to the relevant local council.

For land within the four council areas subject to the Greater Hobart Act 2019, it is preferable that any consideration of changes to the UGB be made through the detailed work currently underway as part of the Greater Hobart MetroPlan.