A number of Greater Hobart Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) anomalies have been addressed in the STRLUS since its declaration in 2011. The new regional policy SRD 2.12 is intended as an interim measure to provide a more efficient approach for managing anomalies in the UGB without the need to make incremental adjustments to the UGB in the STRLUS.

This amendment to the STRLUS forms part of the Phase 2 Planning Reforms that will take place over the next 2-3 years providing for comprehensive reviews of the three regional land use strategies in Tasmania and include:

  • establishing a suite of Tasmanian Planning Policies that provide a state wide vision and framework for the planning system; and
  • providing improvements to the process for preparing, reviewing and consulting the community on regional land use strategies.

The Greater Hobart MetroPlan project, which also forms part of the Phase 2 Planning Reforms, will provide a detailed review of the residential growth strategies for the four councils subject to the Greater Hobart Act 2019.