Understanding the Tasmanian Planning Scheme Coastal Hazard Codes

Coastal erosion and coastal inundation are natural processes that have the potential to be a hazard because they can significantly harm people, properties, communities, industries, infrastructure and the environment.

The State Planning Provisions (SPPs) of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme include a Coastal Erosion Hazard Code and a Coastal Inundation Hazard Code that operate alongside:

Together, these regulations reduce risk in areas vulnerable to coastal hazards and contribute to a safe and sustainable working, living and recreational environment on Tasmania’s coast.

The following documents have been prepared to assist with understanding the Coastal Erosion Hazard Code and the Coastal Inundation Hazard Code and assist with the preparation of an application for a permit in a coastal hazard area.

  • Coastal Hazard Report – Sample Template (DOCX, 22.2 KB)

    Prepared by the Department of Premier and Cabinet as a sample template for preparing a coastal erosion hazard report or coastal inundation hazard report, as required under the relevant coastal hazard code or the determination issued by the Director of Building Control.

Director’s Determinations

The Determinations issued by the Director of Building Control are available on the Consumer, Building and Occupations Services website.