Visitor accommodation just got easier

The home sharing or accommodation sharing market is a key component of tourism in Australia.

That is why the Tasmanian Government is making it easier for Tasmanians to share their own homes—whether they’re taking off on a rare holiday and giving a visitor cheap rates in exchange for dogsitting or they’re regularly letting out spare rooms to folks coming down for festivals and events.

Under old regulations

  • Any use of a building to accommodate visitors required a planning permit, including spare rooms in your own home
  • This was the case irrespective of scale or location
  • The requirements differed across the state

As of 1 July 2017

  • Visitor accommodation in your own home will not require a permit
    (If let while you're on holiday or temporarily absent; or you’re not letting more than 4 bedrooms in the house)
  • This exemption applies to every zone in planning schemes, including residential areas, cities, towns, villages and rural areas across Tasmania
  • Using investment properties for visitor accommodation will now be standardised in all residential zones across the state, creating a level playing field in any location from inner cities to villages and low density or rural residential areas

The government’s reforms will be delivered in the short term through the Interim Planning Directive, available from the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

In the longer term, local councils will prepare Local Provision Schedules in line with the State Planning Provisions to finalise the process.

We’re introducing simple self-compliance, capping fees and simplifying processes when permits are required to help make it easier to use your own home or investment property for visitor accommodation.

To find out more about the new reforms, review the