How do the planning rules in interim planning schemes compare with the State Planning Provisions?

The range of zones in the State Planning Provisions is similar to those in interim planning schemes, reflecting the suite of zones set out in Planning Directive No.1 – the Format and Structure of Planning Schemes. The State Planning Provisions also provide for the same sort of local variations in Particular Purpose Zones and Specific Area Plans as set out in Planning Directive No.1.

The Planning Directive No.1 template is however, silent on the range and scope of codes and provides no standard range of issues to be covered. Consequently, the codes in current interim planning schemes across the State vary considerably, as the preparation of these was left to the regional planning bodies and individual councils.

There is no single set of codes that the State Planning Provisions can be compared against. For example there is no code called Biodiversity in every interim planning scheme, and where there is such a code included it is often drafted and applied quite differently from one municipal area to another. While the range of codes in the State Planning Provisions is different to the variety in current interim planning schemes, the range of issues covered by the codes is comparable.

It is anticipated that where applicable, councils will translate their current interim planning schemes zones into the new zones that the State Planning Provisions provide. This should mean that the broad zoning of land will not substantially change compared with interim planning schemes.