Planning reforms and reviews

State Planning Provisions statutory review

Phase One planning reforms involve the introduction of a statewide planning scheme, the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, which consists of two parts:

  1. State Planning Provisions that apply broadly across Tasmania; and
  2. Local Provisions Schedules that provide flexibility to address local issues.

The State Planning Provisions came into effect in March 2017 but have no practical effect until a Local Provisions Schedule is in effect in a municipal area. These phase one reforms are now nearing completion with the Tasmanian Planning Scheme taking effect in a number of municipalities across Tasmania.

The State Planning Provisions (SPPs) are required by legislation to be reviewed every five years.   Visit the State Planning Provisions review for updates on how to take part in the process.

Planning policies and regional planning reforms

Phase two planning reforms commenced in 2021 and aim to deliver the following key components of the Tasmanian planning system:

  1. introduction of the Tasmanian Planning Policies (commenced);
  2. an improved regional land use planning framework (commenced); enabling
  3. comprehensive reviews of the three regional land use strategies (not yet commenced).

The introduction of Tasmanian Planning Policies will establish a comprehensive, high level policy framework intended to shape strategic land use planning across Tasmania. This statewide policy framework will be complimented by the improved regional land use planning framework. Comprehensive reviews of the three regional land use strategies will follow the making of the Tasmanian Planning Policies and the introduction of the improved regional land use planning framework.

These phase two planning reforms are anticipated to take two or three years to complete. During this period the State Planning Office will continue to work with councils and regions to identify opportunities for short term updates to the three regional land use strategies to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Alongside the broad planning reforms, the Government also periodically conducts specific reviews on various planning matters to meet legislative requirements.

The State Planning Office Work Program below shows indicative time frames for the planning reforms and reviews currently underway.

Phase 2 Planning Reforms Work Program diagram

Planning legislation reviews

The Tasmanian Government is committed to the ongoing review and development of legislation to ensure sustainable land use and development in Tasmania. For more information see: planning legislation reviews

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