Amendments to the Housing Land Supply Act 2018

Important amendments to the Housing Land Supply Act 2018 (HLS Act) came into effect on 29 November 2021 as a consequence of the Housing Land Supply Amendment Act 2021 (Amendment Act) being passed by both Houses of Parliament. The amendments were also subject to public consultation.

The HLS Act was developed following the then Premier’s Housing Summit in 2018. It provides a quicker robust process for rezoning eligible Government land for residential purposes.

The HLS Act enables the Minister for Local Government and Planning to make a Housing Land Supply Order to rezone eligible Government land. Land is then transferred to the Director of Housing to deliver housing developments under the Homes Act 1935, particularly for social and affordable housing.

With the continued demand for housing in Tasmania, more is being done to make additional Government land eligible for consideration under the HLS Act.

The Amendment Act

The Amendment Act made amendments to the HLS Act to:

  • broaden the scope of eligible land to include land obtained by the Director of Housing after the HLS Act came into effect;
  • enable the consideration of government land unintentionally excluded from the HLS Act, along with suitable land on Flinders Island;
  • deliver a more inclusive consultation process and improved transparency in the decision making processes; and
  • align the assessment criteria with the normal planning process.

More Information

The amended Housing Land Supply Act 2018 can be viewed on the Tasmanian Legislation website.

More information on the amended Housing Land Supply Act 2018 and Housing Land Supply Orders is available through the Tasmanian Planning System section of this website.

A comprehensive Briefing Pack on the Housing Land Supply Amendment Bill 2021 was prepared to assist with briefing both Houses of Parliament, including a Consultation Report summarising the submissions and responses from the public consultation:

The Housing Land Supply Amendment Bill 2021 and supporting material can be viewed on the Parliament website.