Housing Land Supply (Kings Meadows) Order 2022

Part of Lot 2 Techno Park Drive, Kings Meadows

What's new? Consultations have now closed on the proposed Housing Land Supply Order under the Housing Land Supply Act 2018Submissions are currently being reviewed and a report will be prepared for the Minister for Planning to consider tabling the proposed Order in Parliament.

Consultation period: CLOSED


Details of the proposed Order

  • The site is currently zoned Particular Purpose and development of the site for residential housing is prohibited under the zone.
  • The proposed Order, if approved, will result in part of the land being rezoned to the General Residential Zone.
  • Rezoning the land will enable the Department of Communities Tasmania to increase their supply of social and affordable housing within the Launceston Municipality.

Details of the site

  • The proposed Order relates to approximately 10.3 hectares of land located at Lot 2 Techno Park Drive, Kings Meadows and described by FR 164559/2.
  • The land is owned by the Tasmania Development and Resources Corporation (TDR) and is managed by the Department of State Growth.
  • The site is vacant, undeveloped, mostly covered by remnant vegetation and pastures, and appears to be used for grazing.
  • The area of land in the proposed Order has potential to yield up to approximately 109 housing lots dependent on the type of development proposed and addressing the requirements of the Launceston Local Provisions Schedule and the State Planning Provisions.
  • Further details of the site are contained in the attached reports.
Housing Land Supply (Kings Meadows) Order 2022 - Map


Key documents

The proposed Order and the Minister for Planning's statement of reasons can be viewed below:

  1. Consultation Package – including proposed Order, Minister’s Statement of Reasons and frequently asked questions (PDF, 876.0 KB)
  2. Planning Submission report prepared by GHD Pty Ltd for the Department of Communities Tasmania (PDF, 25.3 MB)

The public are invited to make submissions in relation to the proposed Order within the exhibition period.

Making a submission

Submissions may be made with respect to the relevant matters specified in section 13(2) of the Housing Land Supply Act 2018.

The relevant matters are as follows:

  • the suitability for residential use of the area of land;
  • the suitability of the intended zone; or
  • whether the Minister would, or would not, contravene section 5(2) or section 6(1) or (2) of the Housing Land Supply Act 2018 by making a housing land supply order.

Have your say

Consultation will be open for 28 days and the closing date for submissions is 5pm on Tuesday 1 November 2022. You can have your say by making a written submission and posting or emailing it to our Office before the consultation period closes.

Postal address:

State Planning Office
Department of Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 123

Email address:


Personal Information

The Minister for Planning will consider all Housing Land Supply Order submissions in accordance with legislation before determining whether to table the proposed Order in Parliament or not. Where the Order is tabled, the submissions are included for Parliament’s review. Either House of Parliament can disallow (refuse) a proposed Order.

If the Minister for Planning determines not to table the proposed Order in Parliament, legislation requires the Minister to publish all submissions received and provide reasons for not tabling the proposed Order.

No personal information other than an individual’s name or the organisation making a submission will be presented to Parliament or published.

For further information, please contact the State Planning Office by emailing stateplanning@dpac.tas.gov.au, or read the Tasmanian Government Public Submissions Policy.